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Methods of Cooking

This involves cooking on open fire. As this draws out the fat from the meat use a broiling pan to keep the fat from touching the meat.

Spray the broiling pan with cooking spray to prevent meat particles sticking to the broiler pan. This is the fastest way of cooking meat, provided it is not overdone. For succulent meat, place the broiling pan a little lower in the oven.

This is the method of cooking food by dousing in hot oil or fats. As results in high cholesterol and high fat intake it is better to avoid this method. One can have one's favourite items like french fries, etc in a much healthier way in an oven

An excellent method for cooking foods, grilling involves cooking on an open fire from below. In this method the moisture is locked inside the food while the fats drips away.

The term cooking under dum actually means allowing the food to cook under pressure in its own steam. This is different from pressure cooking.

To cook under dum the pan should be covered with a well fitting heavy lid and sealed with wheat dough (atta) along the edges so that the steam does not escape.
Check this site for detailed notes on Dum cooking.

This is one of the most effective ways of cooking if you want to follow a low fat lifestyle.

It means cooking in an oven or a roasting pan without using much liquid. Use a roasting rack to keep the meat away from fat that drips from it.

Do not cook any vegetables with the meat as it absorbs the fat. Also, do not stuff poultry while cooking as the stuffing's will absorbs the fat

To cook tenderly in warm water, that does not boil or simmer. One can poach an egg to a chicken. An excellent method for low fat diets as all the fat is cast aside with the water. The ground rule is that the water for poaching should not even simmer. Food cooked in this manner is extremely tender and tasty.

It means frying quickly in a shallow pan stirring constantly. This method looks in this juices and flavour. Always use non stick cookware and little oil for sauting. This is ideal for a low fat lifestyle. Besides both meat and vegetables can be cooked using this method.

It involves cooking food indirectly, by use of steam. This can be done on the stove, oven or microwave. Moreover, through this method vegetables and meat can be cooked without losing nutrients, flavour and moisture



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