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Chocolate Cake

Self-raising flour 100gms
Cocoa powder 40gms
White butter 60gms
Fresh cream 1 cup
Salt 1/2tsp
Essence 1tsp
Eggs 3
Powdered sugar 140gms

Mix butter, sugar and cream till smooth Add the flour, cocoa powder & mix well.
Separate yolk & white of egg. Add essence to egg yolk & whip well and add this to above mixture. Whip egg white stiff.
Add little by little of egg white to the above mixture till all ingredients are blended well.
Transfer it in a baking dish (sprinkle chopped nuts & raisins for added taste) and bake at 350 degrees for 25 min. Serve it hot or cold or with ice cream & hot chocolate sauce. Serve as dessert.


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