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Dosa with Garlic Prawns

There are many varieties of dosa's prepared in south india with combination of various fillings and dips. Lets try a simple dosa here with garlic prawn stuffing. It's light and can be taken as dinner or even as a evening snack. There are a lot of dosa competitions happening in India and one can experience so any different mix and match varieties there. A world of traditional and fusion cooking.


For dosa batter

Boiled rice: 50 gm
Raw rice: 25 gm
Urad dal: 25 gm
Fenugreek: a pinch
Salt: a pinch
Water: 100 ml
Oil: to apply

For Hot garlic prawns

Prawns (medium sized): 10 gm
Chopped onion: 50 gm
Chopped garlic: 50 gm
Red Chilly paste: one tsp
Tomato sauce: one and a half tbsp
Salt: to taste
Sugar: a pinch
Celery: five gm
Vinegar: one tsp
Oil: 100 gm


  1. Clean and soak rice and urad dal for one hour.
  2. Grind it to not so thick nor too thin consistency.
  3. Add salt to taste in the batter
  4. Allow it to ferment for six hours before making dosas.
  5. Wash and clean shelled prawns.
  6. Make batter with maida, corn flour, salt, egg and water.
  7. Coat the prawns with the batter and deep fry.
  8. Sauté chopped onion and garlic.
  9. Add red chilly paste, tomato sauce, salt, sugar, celery, vinegar and water. 
  10. Let it cook till it turns dry.
  11. Prepare dosa and Spread it, put the filling in the centre and roll.
  12. Serve hot with chutney/dips.


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