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Ingredients Glossary

Nigella seeds (kalonji, Kalaunji, black cumin) are a spice harvested from the plant Nigella sativa and are used as a spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. These black seeds are approximately 0.125 inches in length and have a slightly triangular shape, and may also be confused with black sesame seeds. The dry roasted nigella seeds flavor curries, vegetables and pulses. The black seeds taste like oregano and have a bitterness to them like mustard-seeds. It can be used as a "pepper" in recipes with pod fruit, vegetables, salads and poultry.

The Nigella oil is an anti-oxidant and popular for its medicinal value.

Shahi Jeera:
Shahi Jeera is also known as Royal Cumin Seeds. they are smaller in size and slightly black in colour as compared to the normally used cumin seeds. Shahi jerra is available in local markets.


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