100 Most Popular Common Fish Names in English with pictures - Sea fish , Freshwater fish - Seafood - Confused over Fish names? | Get to know your fish
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100 Most Popular Common Fish Names in English with pictures - Sea fish , Freshwater fish - Seafood - Confused over Fish names?

When I relocated, I found it very difficult to identify the fishes in the local market. Some new varities of fishes, i didnt know the name of others, but still got a lot of help from the fishmongers. I knew the local name of most fishes but in a foreign land it was difficult to select some. I was totally confused. Many fishes looked the same :) So here you find the local names and their english names along with pictures so that one can identify the fishes easily with no further confusion. Henceforth, no more confusion.

The fish glossary contains fish name with picture, translation from English to Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Konkani, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Arabic for the UAE and gulf market and Tagalog names for my filipino friends, also some common fish names of India, UAE, Philippines and names in sindhi and balochi. Check the reference at the bottom of the blog for Malaysian, Singapore and Pinoy names of the fishes. Help me correct, if I have written any names wrong with the right names. I will update them here. Before going to the fish glossary , lets check ' How to select a fresh fish ' and for Good Seafood Recipes check here 📜.

'The freshness factor guide - How to buy Fresh Fish'


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- Bright scarlet gills/bright pink or red on a fish mean it’s freshly caught. A dull color is old fish. A red dye is often applied to the gills to make appear fresh , so beware

EYE TEST - Look for CLEAR bright,glossy and dark eyes and sunken,red or cloudy white eyes are real no-no    [ Read more here.....]
How to check your fish is fresh - Tips & Tricks to Choose fresh fish
A big thanks to all the Readers. Thanks a lot guys, your Visits and Comments keeps me going :) Fish meaning translation and fish finder in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Konkani, Health insurance, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Spanish, Tagalog , Malay, Bikol, Ilokano , Arabic, French, Mandarin, Sinhalese
✔  The name of fishes vary from country to country, state to state and even region to region.

FISH GLOSSARY - Fish names in English with pictures. Download a copy @ SCRIBD

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✔  Below glossary is a compilation of fish names in various languages with images



Anchovy, Smelt

Malayalam ( മലയാളം ): Nethili, Kozhuva, Natholi, Netha , Nathal

Tamil ( தமிழ ): Nethali, Nethili, Thogai meen

Telugu ( తెలుగు ): Nethallu, poorava ,Kelba, Poravallu

Kannada: Manangu, bolingei Kollathuru

Other: Capsali Mandli मांडलि(konkani) Mandeli or GOLDEN ANCHOVIES, Phasa, Phansa Gang maurala, Ruli(bengali)Purasa, Churali Patua, Dinasi, Dindus, motyala, Enaga, Onaga, Phansi, Gujarathi - Pelli , Oriya - Chauli,

Malaysia : Bak kang, Bilis bunga air, Pusu, Teri

Arabic (عربى ): Barriya, Zaam, أنشوفة

Phyasa, padni(in pakistan)

Tagalog (also in Philippines ): Dilis, Silag, Alipatang, Bolinao, Munamom

Srilanka : Halmassa, Handalla


Anchovy is distinguished from smelt by the wide mouth and long eyes and relative position of fins with dorsal wholly behind. Anchovy is saltwater fish of the engraulidae family . Smelts (family Osmeridae) are Anadromous fishes means those that spend most of their lives in the sea but migrate to fresh water to spawn. True smelts seldom exceed 14 inches in length and thus classified as small fish. Eperlan, the French word used, is the name for the European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) of northern European lakes and seas is a true smelt. European smelt is typically 15 to 18 cm long.

Smelts only have one dorsal fin with rays, .The true smelt have a small adipose fin on the dorsal fin,which is absent in silversides but you can also find them on salmon, trout and most catfish, which looks more like a little fleshy nub. March–April the smelt season, in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, smelt (locally known as koryushka) is known as a special local delicacy, famous for its cucumber smell.

The osmerid smelts are often confused with atherind smelt (silverside family) The silversides and other unrelated fishes are sometimes also called smelts. Smelts are found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and in lakes in North America and northern part of Europe.Smelts are not found in Indian Ocean or the southern hemisphere. These fishes are sometimes refrred as whitebaits too. Silvery-green fish, also known as rainbow smelt, are similar in appearance to sardines and anchovies. The silver smelt is silver and grey coloured about 20cm, dark on the back, and clear on the belly. It appears all along Peruvian coast. (Refer Candlefish - Thaleichthys pacificus) found in waters off the American Pacific northwest for its excessive oil content)

The European Anchovy is related to herring and are oily fishes.

Anchovy Smelt difference
European Anchovy or Black Sea Anchovy

The European anchovy or common names as Anchoa europea, Ansjovis, Hamsia,Anshuga, Enchova, Southern African anchovy, Japanese anchovy, Ansjos,Anchois de l'Afrique australe, Acciuga di Faro lives, Alice 'e sperone,Cicinielli janculilli (popular in Italy ), Antjúga or Europäische Sardelle or Katakuchiiwashi lives off the coasts of Europe and Africa, including in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea. It has a silver underbelly and blue, green or grey back and sides. A silver stripe along flank disappeares with age.

Coilia, Golden Anchovy or Mandeli as popularly known in Maharastra. Also known as the grenadier anchovies or Gold spotted gernadier anchovy is a genus of anchovies

Arabic : أنشوفة بُقَع ذهب

Malayasia : Bulu ayam

Spain : Anchoa granadera dorada

Srilanka: தோகை மீன், Thogai-meen

India :मंदीळि, Mandeli, kapsali maṇḍli (Konkani)(कपसालि मांडलि) Oorialli,Monangu, ಮುನಂಗು, Olua

Barracuda (Sea Pike)

Malayalam: Neduva, chilavu, thinda,Koduva, Cheela, Thiruthakkadian, Sheelavu, Cheeelahoo

Tamil: Ooli, Pilinjan, ,Sheela, cheela, goli, gola, oozha, Seela

Telugu: Jellow

Kannada: Obantol, Kanaki,Suruli kandai, ಟೊಂಕೀ

Konkani: Tonki टोंकी

Other: Ghalse, Badvi, Badri, Jaban Tal (Marathi) Goli, Gola, Oozha, (Oriya)- Gayala, seela betu, Bengali - Surnagi nimcha

Arabic: Al Gidd, Agam, al kebeer, sabaat

Kund(in Pakistan)
Hebrew: Melita (obtuse barracuda)

Barramundi / Bekti(Gaint sea Perch, Begti, Cock-up, Sea bass)
Barramundi (Bekti, Seabass, Gaint sea perch, cock-up)

Barramundi / Bekti are known as Asian Seabass, one of the most popular fish in Australia, Thai cuisine and Bengali cuisine. Sea bass is a term for perch family found in sea near shore. Sea bass, bombay bekti, goan chonak are larger than kolkata variety caught mostly in estuaries

Fish names in Malayalam : Chemali narimeen, Kaalanji - narimeen, Nari meen, Nuddee meen, tanad, koduva, kolen

Fish names in Tamil : Painee meen, Koduvai,Padukoppa , Dadhara, Kodusa Keduwa, Koduwa, koduva, Painee Meen

Fish names in Telugu : Pandu Chepa, Pandu Meenu, Pandu Koppa, pandu goppa, పండుగప్ప, Pandugappa

Fish names in Kannada : Koliji, Mudar meenu, koleji, Kemberi, Koliji,Keliji

Fish names in Marathi : Khajura , Jiteda

Fish names in Odia: Bhekti , Vetki, Dadara, Bekkut, Durruah

Fish names in Bengali : Bekti, Todah , Gural

Other: Dodaro, goan chonak, cōnak (Konkani)(चोनक) Gariyu(gujarati) Fitadar, Bekti Koral, River snapper, Chonak(chonak), Tamoshi, Englishmans fish

Fish names in Arabic : Arosah, Nai sarah, sea bass (european)

Fish names in Tagalog : Apahap, Bulgan, Matang-Pusa, Katuyot

Dangri (in pakistan)

Hebrew: Barramundi

Hebrew: Bas sela (striped bass )

Hebrew: Levrak (sea bass)

Branzino European sea bass

European seabass : In North America it is widely known by its Italian name Branzino, Branzini or Mediterranean sea bass. In French, it's loup de mer. But the Chilean seabass isn't a bass at all, it's a Patagonian toothfish

Basa / Pangas /Vietnamese Catfish / Cream Dory

Malayalam: koori vaala, Indian Valah, Pangusis (Assam vala), Muzhu Meen, Malaysian vaala

Tamil: Keluthi Meen, Aie, Coola kelettee, broiler meen, Aeri vanjaram, Yeri Vanjaram

Telugu: pungus, Choluvajella, Pangas, Banka jella

Other: Baiki, sheelan in marathi and Jellum

UAE: Cream Dory, Sweet Doris, Shark Catfish

Basa (Pangasius bocourti) belongs to catfish family. In UK its known as Vietnamese river cobbler, basa, pangasius, panga.
North America and Australia its known as basa fish, swai, bocourti. other names are Yellowtail catfish

Bluefin Trevally
Bluefin travally

Malayalam: Vatta, Kuluvel, Oyupara, maduthala

Tamil: Parai

Telugu: Kuroogoo-Parah

Other: Shitap(marathi), Bluefin jack

Bombay Duck

Also refer Lizard fish below

Bombay Duck

Malayalam: Bummili, Bomblaya

Tamil: Vangaravasi,

Telugu: Vanamattalu , Coco Muttah, Cucah Sawahri

Kannada: Banguli

Other: Bombil,Nehare,Bunmalo (Marathi) loitta,Lutia, Bumaloh(Bengali)Bumla, Gulchi (Gujarati) Bombalo / Naluna / Banamotta / Bombil(Oriya), Bengali - Bombala / Nihare

Bombil, bombala(in pakistan)


Many fish go by the generic name "butterfish." Butterfish is a market name for several different types of fish.Mostly for the oily or butter content in these fishes they are locally known so. Many fishes are referred as butterfish like Cobia, Trevally, Scat, Pompano, Dart, Amberjacks and Seer fish.

In kerala Seerfish, Cobia and Punnarameen / Poonara meen(Greater amberjack) are confused as butterfish . In Tamilnadu the Snakeheads are sometimes referred as butterfish

Spotted Scat are also called Butterfish

Malayalam: Nachara (spotted scat fish )

Kannada: Konande, Bonke(Black-banded trevally) [fish no. 3 in the image]

Other: Saudalo, karchani(Konkani), saundāḷe (सौंदाळे, ಸೌಂದಾಳೆ)
Chitra chandi(Oriya- spotted scat) Paira Chanda, Bheja touri (Bengali for - spotted scat)
spotted scat-buttterfish-Chitra chandi- Paira Chanda, Bheja touri -Nachara

Escolar is often sold under various names like "butterfish", "Hawaiian walu", "Snale Mackerel" or "super white tuna".
Butter fish is also known as chinese pomfret or white pomfret fish or pompano
American butterfish is also known as dollarfish, shiner, skipjack, sheepshead, or harvestfish.
Black cod or sablefish is also sometimes confused as butterfish in some places


Malayalam: etta, Valia Etta, Kaari , Etta koori(marine)Thendu Kadu(Freshwater Stinging Catfish)

Tamil: Kelluthi, Kezhuthi, Mandai, Kaleru, Irung Keletee, Keluthi, Kellettee, Keliru

Kannada: Thede, Shede, Shede Galiya

Odia: Kantia (white) Magura(black), Jalanga(River), Thella Jella, Nellajella

Other: Pungas(freshwater), Tedi jella, jellalu, Ungilayi, Jella,walaga(Telugu) , Muchal kanta(marine), Kan Magur(Bengali) Walshingala, Walshingti(kanada) Nal Shingala(Marathi) Mogamshede, Pangusg, Shingala,Sangot (konkani), Sangtam, Shyade, Sangat, Vari Choongum, Varichundan Mushi, Konkani - Sangot, Fish names in Gujarathi - Khago

Arabic: Chim Khen, kumal

Tagalog: Hito, Pantat,Ito

Khagga, Singhara, Kun (in pakistan)

Catla(Bengal Carp)
Katla, Bengal Carp

Malayalam: Karakatla, Karaka, Karacatla, Katla,

Tamil: Catla, Katla, Kendai, Theppu Meenu, Kanavi ,Koora-Kendai , Theppu Meenu ,Thopaameenu , Japan Kendai, Thoppu meen, Yamaneri kendai, Karavai

Telugu: Botchee, Botchi, Botcha ,Bochu , Bacha, Krishnabotcha

Other: Bhakua, Baudhekera , Baudhekra (Assamese),Katla,Pla Kra Ho (Bengali), Bawas,Tambra,Thambra (Gujarati)Boassa,Chepti ,Bhakur,Katla (Fish name in Hindi)Tambra,Katala,Pla Kra Ho (Marathi),Bahkur,Barkur,Bhakur (Oriya)Theil ,Theila,Thaila (Punjabi),Boassa (Rajasthani)


Malayalam: Kakka, Eninthti, Kakka matti

Tamil: Kilinjal, Matti(Vjtlia), inatti ,vari Matti, Panja matti, Vazhi, vazhukkumatti, Chippi(sometimes)

Telugu: Boodidhi gulla , Gangalicheppa gulla

Marathi: Shivale , Tigari , Shimpale , Tisare

Gujarathi: Chhipia

Fish name in Konkani: Kuleye

Other: Tisre, Khubbe, Tisrio, Teesrya, tisre तिस्रे (konkani) khubbo खुब्बो, ಖುಬ್ಬೊ , ತಿಸ್ರೆ

Arabic: Sughoa

Malabar Reef Cod- Fish names in Malayalam with pictures

Malayalam: Mullan, Sarghan, Chemmun, panna Mahi mahi

Tamil: Panna, Kalava

Kannada: Guri, Gopra, Muri Meenu

Other: Gobro(konkan), Kallmurya

Also refer Grouper

Fishes of kerala

Convict Surgeonfish
Convict Surgeon

Malayalam: Kurichil, Nelalan, Varipara, Paalla

Tamil: Kozhimeen,

Kannada: mada

Telugu: Mootah

Arabic: Sohal

Tagalog: Labahita, Yapot

Fishes of Tamilnadu


Malayalam : Njandu, Nandu

Tamil : Nandu

Telugu : Pitha, Peetha,

Gujarathi : Karachala

Hindi : Kekada Marathi : Khadapichimbori

Konkani : Kurilo

Kannada : Kallu Denji

Oriya : Kanakda, Manda peta

Bengali : Kankara

Other: Kekda, Kurlya, Aedi, kurlo कुरलो, Nona(Konkan), ಕುರ್ಲೊ

Kekra, kukri,googoo tanga(in Pakistan)

Arabic :gabgoob, Qubqub,saratan sabih

common sea fishes in kerala

Cuttle Fish

Malayalam: Tonadi Kanava, Kalaan Kanava

Tamil: Kanavai, Totti kanava, Ottu Kanava, Muttai, Kadamba

Kannada: Kappe Dondas

Telugu: Charala Kalivinda, Kandavai

Oriya: Kumiti muna, kalirinda, Batua macha

Gujarathi: Dodka

Marathi: Makul

Konkani: Bebo

Other: Maya Mach

Mayya, mus(in Pakistan)

Arabic: habbar, Subaidaj

Fishes Name in Malayalam

Dart(snubnose dart / Silver Pompano)

Malayalam: Peeyada

Tamil: Kootili, kutili

Kannada: Kaduvai, Kokkare.

Other: Ladagoo, Katattitaka

Arabic: Tallaha, Al sibin, seben

Onaf, sonam, sonab(sindhi in Pakistan)

Fish names in Tamil with picture

Dolphin Fish(Mahi Mahi or Dorado)
Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi)

Fish name in Malayalam: Avvnose, Abanoos, Chain cover fish

Fish name in Tamil: Avlis, Kal vanna,badahlen, Koppurai Kula, Ayilis, ailai

Fish name in Kannada: Abanoos

Fish name in Telugu: Peda tura

Fish name in Oriya: Baal, Sisun magar

Fish name in Bengali: Putul

Fish name in Gujarati: Apnus , Himra machi

Fish name in Marathi: apnus , Abanoos, Himra massa

Fish name in Lakhadweep: Fiyala, Affunose

Fish name in Andaman: Rui

Fish name in Hindi : Mahi mahi, Affanood, Halwa

Fish name in Arabic: Anfalous, bakti

Fish name in Tagalog: Dorado, Dularo, Talang-talang, lapis

Mahlar, amlooshk, amrusk(in pakistan)

Fish Names Telugu

Eel / Yellow Pike Conger Eel / indian mottled eel
Indian Conger Eel anf Fresh water Eel(brown)

Even though the eel looks like a snake it is really a fish ( Eels, Congers and morays)

Malayalam: Pambu meen, Malanjil , Manangil, Malungulu, Maniangal,malanjal, Aarel (yellow pike)

Tamil: Vealangu, Vilangu, Seram Pambu, Velangoo, Vlangu, Porivelangu, Kotah, Kulivi pamboo(yellow pike conger)

Telugu: Malamgulu,Malugu, Bommidayalu, Bommidailu , Tala bon, Culim-poun(yellow pike)

Kannada: Kencholi, Hari Meenu, Hanchu mennu

Other: Thumbi (oriya) vaam, Bam, Kamila, Banehara(Bengali)Suteri, Kolaav, Bale, Vaamb, Vaam, Ahir, Kilis (Marathi) in vasai marathi its called VAAVI, vaahi

Barn, Sankh, Saang (in pakistan)

Nepali: Raj Baam

Tagalog: Igat,Palos, Pindanga

Fish names in Tamil Nadu

Emperor / Mula / pigface bream
Emperor or Pigface Bream
Malayalam: valiya vilmeen, Kurali, Pulli velameen

Tamil: valai meen, Kulli kozhi meen, Vannatthi, Vilaimeen

Kannada: Erimeenu, Kokkare, Eri meenu , Kokkaru

Telugu: Karwa

Oriya: Kokoroba, Karwa

Lakshadweep: Kurulimas , Punji

Gujarathi: Chuncha , Dhamil

Marathi: Dhamil

Arabic : shaour, Sheiri Arabi,gahash

Mulla, Gadeer(in pakistan)

Tagalog: Bitilya, Bukawin

Freshwater fishes of India

Fin Bream
Japanese threadfin bream
Japanese Threadfin Bream

Other breams: Pigface bream, Long spine bream, Butterfly bream, bony bream, Goldband, (Pink perch - Rani fish -freshwater game fish)

Malayalam: Navara, Kellimeen, Killimeen, Chengavaal, chennavira, henvaara,puthiyappalla kora

Tamil: Navara, Sennagarai, Navarei, karuppu Mattavan, Changarah, Kandal meen, thullu kendai, Lomia

Kannada: Mudumagalu, madmal, madumagala, ರಾಣೋ

Telugu: chalaneera kanti, sallenganti

Oriya: Nalliborai, Nallisankara

Gujarathi: Rata, Lalmachala

Other: Rani mach,Ruppan(bengali)Rain(gujarati)Rani(Marathi),rano, Rane, राणो (konkani) krisi, bammi, Andamans Is - Rani , Pooma

Arabic: sultan Ibrahim, سمك السلطان إبراهيم, hemamah, hamarah,bassi, abu sena

Tagalog: Bisugo

Katti, kolonto(in pakistan)

Hebrew: Farida (blue spotted sea bream)

Hebrew: Denis (sea bream)

Threadfin bream a perch like fish that is found in coastal Asian waters. It is called a threadfin because of the filaments that hang from its tail.

To view other Seabreams (Porgy also known as Sea Bream) - Click here

Different Type of Bream:
Different Type of Breams

Marine fishes of kerala

Finletted Mackerel
Refer Horse Mackerel:
The torpedo scad, Megalaspis cordyla (also known as the hardtail scad, finny scad, finletted mackerel scad and cordyla scad), is a species of moderately large marine fish classified in the jack and horse mackerel family

Finned bullseye
Finned Bulleye

Bigfin Bigeye, Bulleye, Deepwater Bullseye, Glasseye, Goggle Eye, Longfin Bigeye, Red Soldierfish

Malayalam: Unnimary, chuvana, chenvara, Bullsai

Tamil: Cheena Varai, Kakkasi

Kannada: Disco meenu

Telugu: Bochelu, Yera-chepalu

Bengali: Alta-punti

Gujarathi: Ratado, Dorali

Marathi: Tambi

Oriya: Alta-punti

Hindi: disco machli ,laal machli

Fish varieties of Tamil Nadu

Flying Fish
Flying Fish

Malyalam: kolal paravai, kola,baravi, Khola

Tamil: parava, Para Kola, Kola, Paravai Kola

Kannada: Parava menu

Thuri, Jirri(in pakistan)

Tagalog: Isdang Iawin

Top 10 tastiest fishes

Garfish / Belone belona/ Needle Fish

Malayalam: Kola Meen, Kolaan, Karu thonamkunhi, Mural, kolan, Kokki(freshwater)

Tamil: Kola, Oosi kola, Nedu mural, Mural, Kokkimeen, Vellai murrel, moorel

Kannada: Kokkare, konti, Kandai , Toli

Telugu: Chinna pichika, Muddera

Oriya: Gangtudi, Kankhey , Kodivi

Lakshadweep Is: Oola ,Keran, Dethumtholi

Gujarathi: Kunga, toli , Tiri

Marathi: Tol, tokali

Konkani: Tokki

Other: Kaikka,Kankely(bengali), Kande toe, havu menu, tole

Popular fishes of Kerala


Malayalam: manakkam

Tamil: nagarai, navarai, kal nakharai, kulnaven

Telugu: Rahtee goolivinda

Bengali: Boral

Kannada: Kurli, Purli

Arabic: hedie hammer,alu tamrah, hidi, Sultan ibrahim,kasarmala

Manori, kolonto(in Pakistan)

Fish names in English

Greas Carp fish / Reba Carp
Reba Carp

Malayalam: Reba, rogu

Tamil: Poorali, Coala Kendai, Aranjan Podi, Aringal

Telugu: Arju, Chittahri, Elamosa

Others:Raig, Batta(Bengali) Pohala, Podha,Purha(oriya), Panjali, Rewah, Loli

Fish common namelist

Grouper(Reef Cod)

Malayalam: Kalava, murumeen

Tamil: kalavan, panni meen, komeri, kelavan

Kannada: Guri, Gopra, Muri Meenu

Telugu: Bontha, Bontoo

Marathi: Hekavu, Gobra

Lakshadweep: Chencheera Chammam

Others: Kai balay (odisha), Kun Kuni, Katkoi (Bengali), Bile koral, gobro गोब्रो (Konkani) ಗೊಬ್ರೊ

Arabic: Hammour, هامور , Hamour , Semana, hader, kosher, khulkhull

Tagalog: Lapu Lapu, Garopa,Kaltang, Kulapo, Lubo, Sigapo

Dhambo, Gisser, Klanch, Golori(in pakistan)

Hebrew: Locus(white grouper)

Hamour are the UAE's favourite fish. Hamour is the brown spotted reef cod, also known as Suman or Hamour-e Khaldar-e Qahvei in Persian. With a choice in colours, sizes and varieties, Hamour is rich in protein and Omega – 3. White Hamour or Hamour Royal is a favourite among seafood lovers across the UAE


Grunt / Grunter bream / Silver Grunt

Above fish is a Bream, below a Grunter where the tail fin is flat while Breams have forked fin

Malayalam:Karukaruppan, Kurukuruppan


Tamil: Cheri, Ghorakan, Kadichani, Kakan, Korukkai, Seraiah, Kalianthalai, komkee,Kalianthalai, Komkee, Kurumutti, Mullankra, Pullikurimeen



Arabic:Nagroor, Nagrur, Nakroor

Tagalog: Agoot

English Malayalam Fish Names

Halfbeak Fish

Malayalam: Kolaan, Pookola

Tamil: Mural

Telugu: Mudduru kolasa

Kannada: Surali kondai,Konthi

fish names in english and hindi

Herring(5 spot)

Tamil: koimeen,nunalai

Tagalog: Tawilis



Malayalam: Kannan Mathi

Konkani : Davak, दवाक

Kannada : Dawak, ದವಾಕ್

Herring gaint

Malayalam: Vallipoomen

Tamil: Mooran Kenda,Manna, Allathi, Ullahti

मछलियों के नाम हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में

Hilsa / Ilish - Indian shad
Hilsa or Indian Shad

Malayalam: Paluva

Tamil: Ullam, Oolum, Vengannai, Sevva, Pulasa , Ullan

Telugu: Pulasa

Arabic: سمكة إيليش

Tagalog: Kabasi, suwagan

Other:पेडि, Pedi(konkani), Kodal Swadi, Paliya, Palasa, Mallas(kanada)Hilsa, Peddi(Vonog)( Konkani), killalu(telugu),ilisa(bangle), Chaksi(Marathi)Palwar, tikki palwar(in pakistan)

Fish name in Hindi and English with picture

Horse Mackerel
Horse Mackrel
Horse Mackrel

Malayalam: Vankaad, Chamba, Koolipara, para, Vangada, Kanni Ayala

Tamil: Parai, Paarai, Vangada, Puli Parai, Thenga Parai, Vengadai Parai, Kilisai

Kannada: Bangada(big eye scad), Kodanate, Goukae(hard tail) ಹಡೊ ಬಾಂಗಡೊ

Telugu : Par chepa

Others: Hado bangdo(Konkani) हडो बांगडो

Arabic: busaimy, سمكة الماكيريل

10 healthiest Indian fish varieties

Indian Scad
Indian Scad

Other scad: Big eye scad, Hardtail scad, Rounded scad, Selar scad

Malayalam: Kozhiyala, Thiriyan,Vatta Kanni or Vattankanni(Big eye scad)

Tamil: Parai/Paarai. Kumara parai, Kilichai

Kannada: thidumpu

Arabic: Jinnis, Sima

Tagalog: Galunggong (Round Scad), Gigi (Hardtail scad), Matangbaka (Big eye scad)

Seem(in pakistan)

Galunscad - The Galunggong or the round scad as they are popularly known is a favorite in Filipino cuisine. Delicious when fried, they are also safe for consumption owing to very low levels of mercury in the flesh

Different Type of scad:
Different types Scad - Indian Scad

indian fish names list with pictures

Jewfish(Ghol, croaker)
Jewfish Commonly known as Frogfish and belongs to the Drums family. Croaker fish is known for its sweet flavour and tender white meat.

Malayalam: Kora, Manham, pullikora (spotted croaker), Maham

Tamil: Kathalai, Kathali, Panna, kopayen, Vari Kathalai, vanakathal, vellai kathalai, Kora

Telugu: pullipanna, gorasa, tella, katchelu, goraka

Kannada: Ghoti, Kallur

Gujarati: Dhoma

Marathi: Dhoma

Others: Bara Poa, Lambu, Bhola, Rani Bhola, Lal bhola(bengali) hoḍko (होडको )Fadki, dodyaro(konkani)Poma, Goli, Balvi, Dodi, Dantya, Bengal corvina, vella jaltelle, karoos katlellr, bola

Arabic: Nagroor, shimahi

Tagalog: Alakaak

Mushka, chan, boro, tont(in Pakistan)

Hebrew: Musar yam (Meagre)

Argyrosomus regius, also known as the meagre, croaker, jewfish, shade-fish, sowa, kir, corvina, salmon-bass or stone bass,

fish names in hindi with picture

Knifefish / Indian feather back

Bengali: Chital

Tamil: Ambattan vallai, Sotai vallai


Also refer to seer fish, in india Seerfish is popularly called kingfish.

Kingfish - Click image for a bigger view
Black Kingfish / Cobia / Black seer fish

(For a bigger, better view click on the images)

Common names include black kingfish, black salmon, ling, lemonfish, crabeater, prodigal son and black bonitoc and Butterfish

Malyalam: Motha, kuluval mothai, kadal viral, mottah (some people call it neimeen , but neimeen is SEER fish)

Tamil: kadal viral,kuluval, Kadavara, Kadal varal,Cuddul-verarl,Cuddal-verarl

Telugu: Peddah-mottah, Peddla matta

Kannada: Isvale,Melugu meenu ಇಸ್ವಾಳೆ

Marathi: Sakla, Middus, Madusa ,Muddus,sakla, Sakala

Oriya: Metta, Samudra-seola

Bengali: Scola

Other: Sakaro, Modasa (Gujarati) Isvale इसवाळे (Konkani)

Sanghta, Aangh, Sanglor(in Pakistan – sindhi and balochi), Cobia(Black King fish)

Tagalog: Dalag-dagat, Gile

Spain: Bacalao

Malayasia: Gabus laut, Jaman

Yellowtail Kingfish ( some places its called yellowtail amberjack)

Yellowtail Kingfish, has white, firm flesh and is renowned for its high level of Omega 3 and other beneficial fatty acids. The kingfish lives up to its name and is one of the finest fish in all the oceans. The Yellowtail Kingfish is more commonly referred to as “kingfish” or “kingies” and is a member of the trevally and jacks family.

The Yellowtail Kingfish can be recognized by it’s yellow coloured tail and the bronze-yellow coloured stripe that runs along the lateral line on the body. Kingfish generally have a blue or blue-green colour on their back, and a white-silver below. Often confused with other similar-looking trevelly type species including samsonfish (Seriola hippos) and purple amberjack (Seriola dumerili). Small kingfish are commonly referred as “Rats”.

Common names are yellowtail amberjack, yellowtail kingfish, great amberjack(Seriola lalandi), Hiramasa Kingfish, Buri, Amberjack, Silver king, Ricciola, Haku, Maga, yellowtail jack, Sari kuyruk , Coronado

Samsonfish is also known as Allied Kingfish; Sambo; Samson; Samson Fish; Sea King Fish and Sea Kingfish.

Hiramasa Kingfish is a high-quality sashimi grade Yellowtail Kingfish, farmed under strict standards. Hiramasa is the Japanese name for this fish – it is highly regarded in Japan

Allied kingfish / Amberjack ( Seriola dumerili )
Allied kingfish/Amberjack, Punnara meen- Click image for a bigger view

Malayalam: Punnara Meen, Punnaara

Arabic: Hamam, Halwayo ,Inch, Intias,Intyâs, Jibb, Sholah, Tsola

Philippines: Hanapos, Dorado, Marang, Tonto

Spain: Cirvia, Fatugeraw

France: Ciriola

Japan: Kanpachi

Hebrew: Antias (greater amberjack)

Malaysia: Aji-aji, Cermin, Pisang-Pisang

English: Allied kingfish, Jenny lind, Doronado (USA) Amberjack, Great amberfish, Great yellowtail, Greater amberjack, Greater amberjack (German: Grosse Bernsteinmakrele) , Greater yellowtail, jenny lind, purplish amberjack, Rock salmon,Sailor's choice,Samson fish, Yellow tail

surmai fish in english

Leatherskin (Talang Queenfish)
Leatherskin, Queenfish

Malayalam: Leather, koda, Palameen, പലമീന്

Tamil: Theera, Katta, Tol Para, Toal parah, தொல் பாநை

Kannada: Palai-meenu, Diana,ಪಾಲೆಮೇನು

Arabic:Bassar, Alsain,lihlah,Zelaa, Hamam,Bassardareb, سمك الحمام

Aal, Saram,(in pakistan)

salmon fish in hindi

Little tunny/ Letti (refer TUNA)
Little tunny , Kawa kawa

fish names a-z

Lizard fish
Lizard Fish

Malayam: Arranna meen, Veembili, Uluvachi, Arana

Tamil: Thumbili, thanni panna, Ooluvai

Telugu: Cade mottah, Bade matta

Kannada: Aranai meenu, ಕೊಂಕರೊ

Gujarathi - Bhunger, Chor bumble

Marthi - Chor Bombil

Konkani - Narle, कोंकरो, Konkaro

Oriya - Budinota , Balia girrida, Andolla

Bengali - Kauda mach

Arabic: Macarona, Abu al leban, baram

Koniari, bombala(in pakistan)

neymeen fish in english


Other types: Spring Lobster, Rock lobster, sand lobster, scampi

Malayalam: Konjan, Kadal Konchu, Para konchu

Tamil: Singi Raal, Kalral, Singi Erali, Maaku Eral, Kal eral, Singi eral, Ponvandu eral, Mani eral

Kannada: konju

Telugu: Meesala royya, Madata royya, Rati royya

Oriya: Toptepa, Bama reyya

Bengali: Patal chingri

Gujarati: Kako

Marathi: Phati

Konkani: Shivod

Lakshadweep: Ees

Others :sivod kurlo शिवोड कुरलो, ಶಿವೋಡ್ ಕುರ್ಲೊ

Kikat, kikka(Pakistan)

Arabic: Umm ar rubiyan, Kufea, shurkh al amaaq

Fish Names English to Malayalam Translation


Malayalam: Ayala, Aila, Ayila

Tamil: Ayilai , Kumla , Kannankeluthi, kanangeluthi, Kana Kayuthai, kanaam, keluthi aila,Kumla, Augalai, Ailai, Kanangeluthi

Kannada: Bangde,Banguda, Telbangade

Telugu: Kannangadatha,kanagarthalu

Gujarathi: Bangada , Malbari bhangda


Oriya: Kangurta , Karan kita, Marua

Bengali: Khap khopi , Lajjabatti sating Others: Bangda, Bangdo (konkani), Bangade,बांगडो, ಬಾಂಗ್ಡೊ

Arabic: Basha, garfa,bagha

Tagalog: Alumahan (long jaw) Hasa Hasa (short Bodied), Kabalyas

Srmai,surmaya, bangra(Pakistan)

Hebrew: Palamida

Avoli in english

Malabar Leaf fish

Malayalam: Panna karimeen,Karipidi, Chuttichi

choora fish in english

Malabar thryssa/Malabar Anchovy
Malabar Thryssa/Malabar Anchovy

Malayalam: Manangu, Manang, Thryssa purava

Tamil: poruva, poorava, Nedum poruva

Kannada: Tharave, Larrae manangu

ayala fish in english

Malabar Trevally
Malabar Trevally  - Click for a bigger view

Other type: Bluefin Trevally, Gaint Trevally, Golden trevally, Black trevally, cleftbelly trevally, False / white travelly (Jumper fish) , Largenose trevally, Threadfin trevally, Yellow strip trevally

Malayalam: Paara

Shrimp scad / Slender Yellowtail kingfish : Vatta Paara, Chemeen Para, Vattapara

Crevalle Jack : Ayila Para, Karivalam-para, Pulli parai, Thenga parai, Vennai parai, Komaraparai, Manjal Para

Tamil: Paarai, Tollam​ Parah

Oriya: Parei, para

Kannada: Kodavai, Bonke, Long fin trevally- Bonke koduvai

Others: Shitap(Marathi) Konti(oriya)

Arabic العربية: Rabeeb, Jesh Sal, Sal, Jash, glaaef سمك الجش صال

Bangra, kakkar,pattar(in Pakistan)

Trevally  - Click for a biJesh Salgger view

karimeen in english

Mangrove Jack( Common name for Mangrove red snapper)
Mangrove Jack  - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Kalavayan

Tamil: Seppilli, Vekkattai, Thokkal, Pullikarayan Noolani

Others: tamosi, तमोशि (konkani) ತಮೋಶಿ

seer fish in malayalam

Milkfish(White Mullet)
Milk Fish  - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Poomeen,

Tamil: Chano chanos, Palmeen, Paal Kendai, Palai meen

Telugu: palabontha, Pala chukka

Kannada: Hoovu menu, Hoomeenu

Bengali: Panch kati

Arabic: Sheem, Nemara, Eiffah

Ghonshi, Murru, Murra(in pakistan)

Tagalog: Bangus, bandeng, or bangos, Chanos chanos

vatta fish in english

Moonfish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Ambattan Para, avoli kurichi , Paa mullan, disc mullan, CD meen, Aana chavatti, Aavoli mullan, Blade meen, Razor meen, Paa kurichil, Machan kurichil, Pappada mullan,Pamullan, CD Karal, kathi para, osthapara, Kannadi mullan

Tamil: Kannadi Karel, Amattikatti, Ambattan para

Kannada: Hakkimeen

Gujarathi: Vaniani

Others: Kanti, खांटि (Konkani)Swarna Chanda, Ram Chanda (Bengali) ಖಾಂಟಿ

Arabic: Halwayou

Tagalog: Chabita, Hiwas, Sapatero, Tahas, Bilong-Bilong

trout fish in malayalam

Mrigal(Cauvery White Carp)
Mrigal  - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Venkanda, Venkenda, Vellaranjan, Mrigal, Mrigalam, Venkata

Tamil: Mrigal, Venkendai, Venkendai, Pudukendai, Mrigala, Arinjan , Dudu Kendai, Vencandi, Mrigala, Gudu Kendai

Telugu: Arju, Yerramosu, Mosu , Auju, Ballalamosa, Yerramosa

kannada: Mrigal, Mrigala, Dodda-arja

Other: Mrigal, Mrigala (Bengali) Mirka, Mariga, Mirrgah (Assamese) Morakhee, Nagari (Gujarati)Nain, Nainee, Narain, Mirki, Mrigal (Hindi) Mirga,Mirya, Mrigal (Marathi) Mirgali , Mirikali,Mirrga , Mirrgah (Oriya), Mori , Movakha (Punjabi)

kora fish

Grey Mullet and Red Mullet  - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Thiruta, maalan , Mallan, grey mullet-Thirutha, Red mullet - Kanambu, Keerimeen

Tamil: Madavai kendai, Kasmeen,Saala(small), Kavyangalu, velisa, Surada, madavakandai, Chiryakandai, Cheluva kandai, Gejameena kendai, Sen navarai(Red Mullet)

Telugu: Koniga,bonthaparigi, Bontha Chepa, Kathiparego, goolovanda

Kannada: Shevta,Male, Mala, Malu, Pare, Purli

Gujarathi - Boi, Mangan, Cheeri(Red)

Oriya - Khainga, Magi, Kohala , Meji, Khanga

Bengali: Pharsey, Bhangan, Borai(Red)

Konkani: Rane(red mullet)

Others: Bhangan/Parshey , Dhakra, Khasla(bengali)Hunra(in UP and bihar),Shevta, Shevto शेवटो(konkani) ಶೇವಟೊ Bol,Pilsa (Marathi)Andawai, Boil, Parshey, shev , tali,manakai, Bata, chiryakandai,

Arabic: Biyah, maid, biah,wagena, arabi , (Red mullet: sultan Ibrahim)

Hebrew: Buri

Hebrew: Barbunia (red mullet)

Tagalog: Banak, Agwas, Balanak, asubi

Boi, meengh,tagan,mori, chhodi, pharra, murbo, mundi(in Pakistan)

Red Mullet is also known as Barboni fish, barbunya baligi, Barbounia in Greece. Named Sultan Ibrahim after a prominent Sufi saint Ibrahim bin Adham. This tiny fish which retrieves the needle from the river for the saint was named after him.

Red Mullet and Indian Goatfish Difference
Red mullet and Indian goatfish (Parupeneus indicus) are often confused. The red mullets or surmullets are two species of goatfish, Mullus barbatus and Mullus surmuletus, found in the Mediterranean Sea, east North Atlantic Ocean, and the Black Sea.They are both favored delicacies in the Mediterranean, and in antiquity were "one of the most famous and valued fish".[Wiki]

Red mullet has a distinctive set of 4-5 broad, dark brown bands on the body.For a clear view check the picture with the close up of 2 mullets.Red mullet have a alternating blue and yellow lines on the head and snout, pink chin barbels with yellow tips, and blue spots in lines along the body.The red mullet is expensive since it tastes good and is easy to clean & bone. Red mullets or surmullets tastes has a one of a kind flavour almost similar to rosemary and oregano
Mullet Goatfish difference  - Click for a bigger view

Murrel (Striped snakehead; banded snakehead; common snakehead, Channa Striata)
(Mudfish- a freshwater fish variety known for its medicinal properties)

Murrel  - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Korava,Manathu kannan, Vatton, Vattudi

Tamil: Viraal, viral meen, koravai, pothi meenp

Telugu: Korameenu Erramatta, mottu, mohkorava, thunda, korava, Koramenu

Other: Cheng (Bengali)kalvo काळवो (konkani) ಕಾಳ್ವೋ, daku(Marathi) haal, shawl, shol (Assam),Ikan aruan, haruan, ruan

Soali (Pakistan)

Malaysia: Tomam paya

Tagalog:Dalag, Haruan, Aluan, Torabo

basa fish in malayalam, telugu, tamil

Mussels ,Kadukka - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: kadukka, kallummakkaya, kallumakkai,kakka,kadiika, kadalkai, kalliimakai, nilakakka

Tamil: aazhi, matti, , Kallikai, Pachaiali, Kadalka , pachchai ali, chippi

Telugu: Alagulla, Yerra ali chepalu

Kannada: Kalla

Other:pacile, Ajeer, chippi, sinane शिनाने Shinanee(konkani) ಶಿನಾನೇ

Oyster - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Kakka, miriuga, Muni

Tamil: Sippy, Sippi,niuthlut chippi,muthu sippi–empty oysrer-sippi, live oyster-kavaddi

Other:kalawan, mukta jhinuk, moti simp

Arabic: Sadafi, Qhurut

sea bass in malayalam

Parrot fish
Parrot Fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Pacha pheesam, kizhi meen, keli meen, kolimeen

Tamil: Pachai elimeen

Kannada: Gili meenu

Telugu: Shnee moiya

Arabic: Hareed, Gain, durah

Tagalog: Luro, Loro, Lutin, Mulmol

king fish in malayalam

Pearl spot/green chromide
Pearl Spot - Karimeen - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: karimeen, Erimeen

Tamil: pattai, Panishettai , Seththa Kendai, Palincha, Karassar
Telugu: Cashimera, Durrenachepa

Kannada: Erimeenu , Kaleriya , Kalse , Matak

Oriya: Kundala, Cundahle

Gujarathi: Etroplus

Marathi & Konkani: Kalundar

Others: Karimeen, kaagalsi,kaleram kagalsi, ( kalundar-in konkani), Putulkas

Perch - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Keeri, Kotha, Kallakeedam(Karippidi,karooppu-climbing perch)

Tamil: Kilichan, Keeli, keechan, Prachi,Palin-Kichan (Panaiyeri kendai, Paunieyri, sennal,-climbing perch))

Other: Pal(konkan), Naveri(marathi), Gahnu(oriya) (Kawai, koi,-climbing perch)

Telugu: chamallu,kataili, Baikeeli, kilipothu, ganam (Kavaiyan-climbing perch)

Kannada: keeli

Tagalog: Ayungin, Martiniko (Climbing perch)

cod in malayalam

Pomfret - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam:Avoli, Aavoli, Akoli, Aakoli

Tamil: vawal, Vavwall, vaval,
FRESHWATER POMFRET -Yeri Vawaal / Roopchand / aeri vawaal/ Red belly

Telugu: Tella chanduva(white), sadi sanduva, Nalla chanduva, Nalla sandawah(black)

Kannada: Manji, Bili Manji(silver)Bilimanji , Kappu Manji(black)

Oriya: Bahala, Kala Chandi, Ghia chandi, Ghee, Dhala chandi

Bengali: Baul chandi

Other: Poplet, paplet, sagoti(Konkani)हलवा, Vichuda, Paplet (Gujarathi ), chandava, halva, Saranga(Marathi )poplait, chendu vallu, chanda, foli, पांपलेट, ಪಾಂಪ್ಲೆಟ್, Andaman Is - Pomplet

chanda(silver), Rup Chanda(Chinese), Roopchand

Arabic: zubaidy, halwayooh

Tagalog: Pampano, Duhay, Maliputo

Karopitho, kala-poplet, siak tighlum, kala pithoo(black)-(in pakistan)

Avoli in english

Prawns and shrimps
Prawns. Shrimps - Click for a bigger view

Other type: Tiger prawns, Flower prawn, deep sea prawn, Pink shrimp , white prawn

Malayalam: Konch, chemmeen, Konj

Tamil: Eral, Eraal, ira

Kannada: Boli etti, etti

Telugu: Royyalu

Other: jhinga,chingri,sungat,Chaha,harina,bagda, sungat सुंगट (konkani) ಸುಂಗಟ್

Kalri, madak, jaira, lassa(pakistan)

Arabic: Rubian, gambari


Apollo fish images

Rabbit fish / Spinefoot / Sigan
Rabbit Fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Kalloran, Oran, Ori, Karadumeen

Tamil: Ottah, Orameen

Telugu: Warawah, Warahwah

Kannada: Marapaiya

Marathi: Kunar, Dhagavir, Kutri

Lakshadweep: Vori

Andaman: tharoardah

Arabic: safi snafi, Sanefi, sunafi, Seeseege, Sigan, Safi Arabi, Sigan Biady, Batatah

Tagalog: Danggit, Samaral, Batataway, Turos, Alama, Barangan, Boras

Kakina,mahparri(in Pakistan)

Malayasia: Belais, Debam, Kelang

Spain: Siguro, Sigano

Spinefoots is seafood “green tea”, rich in antioxidants and essential amino acid required for the human body

Different types of Rabbitfish , Spinefoot or Safi fish (Click on the image for larger view)

Safi / Sigan fish is one of the most eaten fish among the people of the Gulf because of its delicious taste. It prefers to live in the rocks and is considered one of the clean fish as it feeds on weeds. Small safi fish are called Sahel. The Rabbitfish or Spinefoot belongs to Siganus genus and are distributed across Indo-Pacific Ocean

The fin spines are equiped with poison glands that are capable of giving painful wounds.

Safi is a suitable food for those who follow a diet, because it does not contain glycosides, nor semi-sugars, and it is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and D. Safi fish works to balance diabetes, by preventing the rise of the hormone insulin in the blood, and it also balances blood sugar

what is apollo fish

Ray Fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: kottiva, Therandi, Tirandi, therandi

Tamil: thirukkai,

Telugu: Teki, belugiri,Tenku

Other: thorake(Kananda) Waghole(konkani), Sankar Murali, Shaplapata, Haush(Bengali) waghla,vaghole वाघोळे (konkani), ವಾಘೋಳೆ, thirukkai



Tagalog: Pagi

Halal Fish List

Red Snapper(Mangrove red snapper, river snapper, Jobfish)
Red Snapper, Sankara - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Chemballi, murumeen(black spot snapper), Pahari,

Tamil: Sankara, Parithi vela meen, Sudhati, pulariam,sep pilli, Cheppilli, Chenganni,Thokkal,kalavai, Karuvalai, kondal, Seppilli/Noolani(Malabar Red snapper)

Kannada: Murimeenu ,Chemballi ,Cheveri tamp

Telugu: Thundava, Rangu, Kaliviya

Gujarathi: Gulalion,Raja ,Tamp

Marathi: Charari tamp

Oriya:Rangua, Angarua, Soosta

Bengali: Koro bhekti

Other:Rane, Ranga,choukya, Thamoshi(Konkani),Ratado(Guj)

Arabic:Hamra(red snapper), Neisarah (blackspot) yezak(jobfish) Umm al durais, kaleb, mergan

Tagalog: Maya-maya, Dapak, Langit, Lohoran (Crimson snapper)

Hira, hiro, kunla, kanalcha(in Pakistan)

Fish name in malayalam arabic

Ribbon fish / belt fish / Hairtail
Ribbon Fish, Belt fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Vaala, Thalayan, vala , Pampaada , Vellithalayan(boal- fresh water –attu valai)

Tamil: Vaalai,Bale, Savalai,Valai, vazhi meen (boal- fresh water –wallah)

Kannada: Pambole ,Hambole,Saalai, pambol

Telugu: Savallu, Nalla chavaadalu , Savaala

Oriya: Rupapatia , Savaala , Langi

Gujarathi: baga ,Lapti

Marathi: Baga

Konkani: Balle

Bengali: Sagunapatia

Other: Chhuri mach, churi (Bengali)Kamble, Hambli, Baale(konkani)bale , बाले, ಬಾಲೆ

Talwar, tinji, chindi(Pakistan)

Arabic:salsool, humalan

Tagalog: Espada

Fish names in arabic english

Rohu (Carp Fish)
Rohu, Rohita Carp - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Rohu, Rohitham

Tamil: rohu, Kannadi Kendai

Telugu: Bocha Gnadu meenu, Silavathi

Others: Rui, Roe, rohiti , row, Rahu, Ruee, Tapra, Dumra, Tambada masa(marathi) Bhobhari(hindi), Tapra, Dumar, Dhambra(Punjabi),

Rohu in malayalam

Sailfish (Indian sailfish) / Billfish (also Swordfish and Marlin )
Indian sailfish - Click for a bigger view

All Billfish, whether sailfish vs swordfish vs marlin have the iconic "sword" coming off the front of their body

Malayalam: Ola-meen, Olameen, Vall meen, Kuthirameen, kadal kuthirameen, Villumeen for swordfish

Tamil: Thalapaththu, Kopparan, Mayilmeen, Kadu koppara, Mailu, Thala

Sail fish/ Marlin -Thalapaththu, Kopparan
Indo-Pacific sail fish (Istiophorus platypterus) - Mayilmeen/ Thalapaththu
Black marlin / Short nosed sword fish (Makaira indica)- Kopparaikulla, Kopparan
Blue marlin (Makaira mazara) -Kopparaikulla

Telugu: kommukonemu , Kaṭṭicepua(swordfish)

Gujarathi: Kunga, Tadmachi (swordfish), Ghodo

Marathi: Tadmasa

Konkani: Tonki

Oriya: Mayur pankhi

Bengali: Mayur pankhi

Lakshadweep: Kuthirameen

Arabic: Faras, Kheil al bahar

Tagalog:Matumbok, Dugso, Liplipan, Malasugi

Also known as Bill fish

📜   Marlin vs Swordfish vs Sailfish

The largest species is the black marlin ,a gamefish that resides in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the main defining features of a marlin is its dorsal fin. The fin is smaller than the other species of billfish, and connects to the spine along a soft ridge. Their bills are often shorter and more rounded than the bill of a swordfish or a sailfish.

Swordfish are another highly sought after gamefish from the depths. They are easily identified by their dorsal fin, which protrudes up from their spine almost like a shark's. Their bill is also the longest in proportion to their body out of the other billfish.

Sailfish are generally considered the most accessible of the billfish species. They are characterized by a large dorsal "sail" that runs the entire length of their back.

porgy fish in arabic

Saithe Fish The Saithe fish is a species of marine fish in the Pollachius genus / Pollachius virens. It is also called by many other different names in different parts. It is found in the Barents Sea and Spitsbergen to the Celtic Sea, and along southern Iceland. It is found along southwest Greenland and from Hudson Strait to North Carolina, in the Western Atlantic.

Saithe Fish, Pollack, Walleye  - Click for a bigger view
Other names: Sillock, Poodler, Pollock, Kench Cure, Gloshan, Glassan
Green Cod, American Pollack, Coalfish, Billet, Coley

dara fish in english - Threadfin

Salmon (Indian salmon/ Threadfin)
Indian Salmon, Threadfin - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: kaalaa,kora,bameen, Vazhmeen, Thamuthi

Tamil: kala,kaala, Thiravalai,Pozhakada, Seenakaala

Telugu: maga, Bada thamaga, Budathamaga

Kannada: Darha, Balu, Ramus, Va meenu, Rumus, Balimeenu ರಾವುಸ್

Oriya - Sahalo, Sahal Puri, Manga

Bengali - Gurjali, Sahal

Other: Dara, Raavaas,रावुस Rawas,(Gujarat, Marathi, Konkani)ravs,lakhea, Kaala,ravns,ravese, Lakhua, Andaman Island - Tobrodah /Kurchil

Arabic: Andag

Tagalog: Mamali

Hebrew : Salomon (Atlantic salmon)

trout fish in arabic

Sardines(pilchard are more bony)
Indian Oil Sardine - Click for a bigger view

Small, oily fish are known as Sardines and the larger, older fish are Pilchards

Malayalam: mathi, chaala(oil saradine-nalla mathi), veloori(white saradine) Neichala , Nalla mathi

Tamil: mathi,salai, Peichalai , Challai, Vellai Suda(White saradine), Paichalai, Kavalai, neethu Kavalai

Telugu: Kavallu, Noonakaala(Oil sardines), Noona Kavallu

Kannada: Boothai, buthai, Boige(oil saradine)ತಾರ್ಲೆ, Pedi, Erabai-deep bodies, Berjal Swadi-white saradine

Oriya : Disco kabala, kovallu , Nina kabala

Bengali : Kokila, tuturi, Hurhuri, khoria

Other: kanda,tarlo, Tarsulo(round bellied saradine)Tarle, Tarlo, तारले(Konkani) Taradi , Haid , Kanat, Haird (Marathi)Pedvey,chareeaddee, podvo पोडवो, ಪೊಡ್ವೋ


Arabic: Ooma, alfa, aida, سردين

Tagalog: Haol, Tamban (Local sardines)

Palli, palla, goi , mitti(in pakistan)

Hebrew: Sardines

Lemon fish- lemonfish

Saw Fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: vakusravu

Tamil: Vela, Vezha, Uluvai

Telugu: yalla

Khari-mangar, lair, lairo, suddo, chaiti(Pakistan)


blue fish in arabic

Seer Fish ( Spanish mackerel ) / Kingfish

Seerfishes are also referred to as "king mackerels" in some areas. Commonly known as the Spanish mackerels or seerfish. This fish closely resembles the King Mackeral. A subset of the mackerel family (Scombridae) with three sister tribes: the tunas, mackerels, and bonitos, and the butterfly kingfish. This tribe comprises 21 species.

Commonly also know as Doggie, Giant Mackerel, Leaping Tuna, Macko, Commerson's Mackerel, Snook, Spaniard, Walu, Tazard

Seerfish is one of the most popular in this group for eating and are notorious for their histamine poisoning.

Small king mackerel are similar in appearance to Atlantic Spanish mackerel and cero mackerel all three species being similar in shape and coloration. (wiki)

Seer Fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: naymeen,naimeen,ഐക്കോറ,ayakura, Varimeen, Neymeen,നെയ്മീന്, Aiykoora

Tamil: Vanjaram, வஞ்சிரம், naimeem, Savara, Mavulasi, Cheela, Nettaiyan Cheela, Nettaiyan seela, Vanchiram , Neimeen Mavuladi

Telugu: Vanjaram,Konema,konemu, Vanjaram Chepa, వంజరాము

Kannada: Dandi, Isona, Anjal, Surmai,neimeenu Arkale, Anjal, Bawan, Ayakoorai, Konema, Kalagnani, Bari meenu

Gujarathi : Surmai , Chopri

Marathi : Surmai , Towar , Anjari

Oriya : Konemu , koni, Mingiram, Bijiram,, binjiram(indo pacific mackerel​)

Bengali : Gura , Mackerel

Other: Wisvan, surmai (Konkani)surma mach, surmai, सुरमइ , ison, Digumas and Ayakkura in Lakshadweep), seela(in some places of tamil nadu),

Arabic: kanad, Chanaad khubat, derak, سمك الكنعد

Sinhala : Thora

Malaysia: ikan tenggiri, Tenggiri batang

Philippines: tanigue, Tangingue

Others : Kalgund, kulgun,Ghore, gore(in pakistan), Macko,

The Spanish mackerel ( Scomberomorini ) tribe comprises 21 species:
Cero mackerel, broadbarred king mackerel, king mackerel, narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, Streaked seerfish, Indo-Pacific king mackerel, double-lined mackerel, Serra Spanish mackerel, wahoo, shark mackerel ,Pacific sierra, Chinese seerfish, Korean seerfish, Atlantic Spanish mackerel, Papuan seerfish, Monterrey Spanish mackerel, Australian spotted mackerel, Japanese Spanish mackerel, Kanadi kingfish, Queensland school mackerel and West African Spanish mackerel.

fish in arabic

Sharks - Blue fin shark, hammer head shark , Dog Shark - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: sraavu, choraku, Shravu, Paalsravu

Tamil: sura,Sorrah, Pal sorrah

Kannada: thatte, balliar(tulu/kannada)

Telugu: Sora, Soraputtu, Sem sorrah

Others: mori (Konkani)Boalu, zori,sorrah, मोरि, ಮೋರಿ

Arabic: jargoor, gursh,lakham, walad, قرش

Mangra, Pishi kamot, sorapi pishik(Pakistan)

arabic fish names with pictures

Silver barfish/ Dorab Wolf herring
Silver barfish

Malayalam: mulluvala, Vala

Tamil: karu vaali, Mullu Vallai, Valai

Kannada: Karli

Telugu: Vala

Gujarathi: Dai

Marathi: Katali, Karali

Oriya: Khanda balia

Bengali: Khavda, chela

Others:Korli, korli कोरलि(Konkani), Karli, Mullibala, ಕೊರ್ಲಿ


معنى في العربيّة سمك ترجمة

Silver belly/ Pony fish/silverbelly
Silver belly, Pony fish - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Thali mullen, kara, karal, mullen, nalla mullen, kurchi

Tamil: kaaral podi, kaarai,thata kavel, kavel, ,karal, kara podi

Kannada: Guruku, Kurchi, kurichi, , ಖಂಪಿ, Kanaikurchi

Bengali: Gang Chanda, Tekati, Plastic mach

Oriya: chandee / Kara

Other: Kadal bale, Kurli bale. Kodu bale(kanada) Gujarathi - Katali, surgutta, velli, khampi खंपि(Konkani), gurkku,kampa,(khampi-(Konkani)kara(telugu)

Mith, Kaanteri, Neela punto(in pakistan)

Arabic:Saal, Geraish

Tagalog: Sapsap, Barurog, Dalupani, Tambung, Usub, Tarilip

Silver biddy/mojarras
Silver biddy,majorras - Click for a bigger view

Tamil: uduvan,oodan,udagam, Velludan

Malayalam: pranjin,kodian purachi

Kannada: Paiya, Hole bainge,

Other: Shekti(konkan) śeṭki शेटकि, ಶೆಟ್ಕಿ

Arabic: badah,bedha, kass

Jerki, Mudro(in Pakistan)

Silver moony/ Silver Bat fish / finger fish / diamond fish / silver moonfish
Silver moony - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Aakoli, Vavalmeen

Tamil: Parrandan Moolen, Purrandee

Kannada: Hakki Meenu(moonfish) , Belli menu

Girpai, Mith(in pakistan - sindhi and balochi), Chandlak(marathi)

Arabic: farsoug, Farsuk

Solefish / Tongue fish
Malabar Sole, Tongue Sole - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: nang, nangu, Manangu, Vaalan manthal, Vaalan nangu

Tamil: nangu, naaku meen, virahi, Manangu

Kannada: Nangu Lyamp ,Chirate nangu, Guddel Nangu / Nangu, ಲೆಪ್ಪೊ

Other: Bashpata, Kukurjib(Bengali)

Telugu: korra menu

Gujarathi: Jib

Marathi: Gipti, Lep/ Shivra

Other: lep(Konkani) ಳಾಪ್, leppo लेप्पो, moral, repti, leppe, pooli kuchi,sola,

Arabic: lisan, Al thor lesan al-baher

Tagalog: Dapa (Indian Halibut)

Muna swasoo, Phani, bans-patta, buti, swaso(Pakistan)

Hebrew: Sol

Squid - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: kanava, Koonthal

Tamil: oosi kanawa, kanavai, kadama, Oosi kanava

Kannada: Bondas

Telugu: Kondavai , Kandavaya

Oriya: Kumiti muna , Kalirinda, Batua macha

Bengali: Samudra shasha , Bed

Gujarathi: Narsingha

Marathi: Nal , Narsingha

Konkani: Mankli , Manki

Others : maṇki माणकि (konkani) makul (माकुल), bondas (बोंडास), ಮಾಣ್ಕಿ, ಮಾಕುಲ್, ಬೊಂಡಾಸ್

Mayya, mus(in Pakistan)

Arabic:naggar, حبار كامل

Fish name in Rainbow trout in North America

( Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Snow Trout, etc)

Rainbow trout also refererred as Coast angel trout, Redband and Hardhead in USA, Kamloops trout, Lord fish, Baiser in canada, Steelhead, rainbow in Australia and UK, Forelle in Germany. Trout is a fish of perennial mountain streams of clear cool water of high oxygen content and thrives in lakes also.Trout normally inhabit cold waters ranging from zero degree to twenty degree centigrade.

Trout fish in India

Mostly its called as trouts.

Common Names of Snow trout:
Kunar Snow trout in Kashmiri : Chush
Common Snow trout in Kashmir ; Ale Gaad
Chirruh Snow trout in Kashmiri: Chhurru
Sattar Snow trout is known as Satter Gaad
Ngaka in Assamese , Bengali
Adonee , Lohone in Assam for Dinnawah snow trout
Ngachong in Manipuri
Asaila in Hindi
Gulgali in Punjabi
Ngachong, Asala, Budhe asla, Soal in Nepali

Korang, Rajahmas in Assam for Indian trout/ Trout barb ( Barilius Bola )
Tamilnadu : Nanneer Meen (lakefish). I'm not sure.

Kerala :Periyar trout( peninsular-Indian hill trout ) is known as Brahmana Kendai

Hebrew: Forel (Rainbow trout)

Trout fish is a type of freshwater fish closely related to Salmonid fishes and Char fish, is well known as excellent game fish . It is not indigenous to India but an exotic coldwater species brought by British angling enthusiasts separately into Kashmir, Himalayan regions, Sikkim, Himachal pradesh, Arunachal pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nilgiris, Kodaikanal, Ooty, and Munnar range of Kerala where cold waters in sufficient quantity and adequate quality is found.

Trout fishing is only permitted for licensed anglers with Fishereries ( Tamilnadu ) in the Nilgiri and Ooty regions.
The available technologies today allows the culture of a number of exotic and indigenous coldwater fish species in the Indian Himalayas. The most common exotic species are rainbow trout, brown trout, common carp, while the indigenous fish are mahseers

Tilapia - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Thilapia, Philopia

Tamil: kari, neyyi,jilapi,jilehi,thilaepia, Jilepi Kendai

Gujarathi: Tiapis

Konkani: Tilapo

Kannada: Sarkari meenu

Telugu: China goraka

Odia: china kau

Arabic: boulty

Tagalog: Molmol, Arroyo tilapia (Pest fish)
Hebrew : Amnun, Musht

Threadfin bream(refer fin bream)
Tamil: Rani menu,sankara

Skipjack Tuna - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: choora, chura, kethal, sutha, kudukka

Tamil: soorai, vari soorai(skip jack) mas choora

Kannada: Surameenu, Gedare(Skip jack) Peepa, kedar, gedar, Surai menu(little tuna, kawakawa) ಬುಗಡಿ

Telugu: Nethuru thura

Oriya: Disco tumbala, soora

Bengali: Attom bomb

Gujarathi: Gedara

Konkani: Bugade

Marathi: Gedar , Kuppa

Lakshadweep: Choora , Kalibila mass, kethal, sutha, kudukka

Andaman: Kata baugdi

Other: chura,choora,toona,bugudi,tokke,kawakawa (little tuna) bugadi बुगडि (Konkani)

Arabic: taban, tuban, shiriwa,zainoop, تن

Tagalog: Turingan, Tambol (Mackerel Tuna) Gulyasan (skipjack)

Pakistan: Chuki, chunki, Dawan, ulus(kawakawa)kishki(skip jack)

Hebrew: Tuna aduma (pacific bluefin tuna

Click here to know more about tuna 👉
What are the different types of Tuna : Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, Bigeye, Blackfin Tuna, Bluefin tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Frigate Tuna, Bullet tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Kawakawa, Little Tunny, Pacific Bonito and Yellowfin Tuna

Indian Turbot - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Manthal, Aayiram Pali

Tamil: Potha, Pothal, Erumei-Nakku

Telugu: Dodda Nangu, Kolli Nangu , Noree-Nalaka

Oriya : Patapatia, Kurkur jiba

Bengali: Bhuta pata

Konkani: Lepo

Other: Kuppa machli, Haro Jeeb, Hario (Gujarati) zhipali , Bhakas (Marathi)

Hajam, dandani, kochuk(Pakistan)

Arabic: Kubzet al bahar,madas

Indian Spiny Turbot,Indian Halibut,Indian Turbot (English)


How to tell them apart Flatfishes - Halibut, Turbot, Flounder and sole

Vela - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: velavu,vella para

Tamil: vela meen

Wahoo - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: Ayakoora

Tamil : Kola Vanjaram

Ghore, gore, yahoo(in Pakistan)

White fish / False trevally / Big Jawed Jumper fish/ Milk Trevally
(For image refer Malabar Trevally)

White fish, False trevally - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: parava, Adavu, Kuthuppu, Paravas, Kadu

Tamil: neer suthumbu, sudumhu, Sudumba, Guthippu

Telugu: Sadumi, Chedumu, Sudumu, Kuthuppu, Sudumbala, Sudumbu

Kannada: Saundala, Ademeenu, Adai-minu

Bengali: Sating

Gujarathi: Katali , Dhangari, Chapla, Dangri, Katli

Konkani: Sondar

Marathi: Pervi,Saundala

Andamans: Sashed pomplet

Bukko, chilanker(in pakistan)

Tagalog: Salay-salay, Apahay, Salaybutang
Arabic: jashun 'abyad / جش أبيض /

Whiting/ Indian whiting / lady fish / sillago
Ladyfish, Sillago - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: poozhan,noongal, poovan, nangol, cudeerah, Kathiron , Pooyam, Kalimeen

Tamil: kilangan, kelangan,kilachi, kelakkan

Kannada: Kane, nogli, ನಾಗ್ಲಿ

Telugu: Surangi

Oriya: Palisurangi

Bengali: Tulkarma

Gujarathi: Sing

Marathi: Mudadi , Renvi

Others :kisu fish, mudoshi (Konkani)नागलि, nagli , Tular dandi(lady fish) kane, nogli, murdosh, kilanganan

Viat, Mushk, Bhambor, Hashoor(in pakistan)

Arabic: hassom

Tagalog: Asohos, Asuhos

Yellowfin tuna
Yellow fin Tuna - Click for a bigger view

Malayalam: valliya chura, poovan choora

Tamil: keerai

Kannada: Kedar, Sooral menu

Arabic: gaider, thamad

What is apollo fish

Apollo Fish

Is it a fish or a dish?

Its not a fish but a famous andhra dish. A spicy fish recipe from Hyderabad served as starter dish in all popular restaurant prepared with boneless fillets mostly of snapper, Murrel, salmon or any boneless fish variety. Apollo fish is a classic bar and restaurant snack

I have added this because many people have landed here searching for Apollo fish thinking its some sort of a fish they use for the dish.

Ayira / Common Spiny Loach

Marathi: Chikani, Mura

Kannada: Hunase, Murangi

Malayalam: Ailori, Kozhutha

Tamil: Aiyrai, Asarat, Palli meen, Asara meen

Telugu: Asira

Origya: Jubbi cowri

Bengali: Gutum

Hindi: Bulu

Ayira​ meen is a delicacy in Madurai . This fish is a very tiny fresh water fish found in paddy fields. A Tamil Nadu favourite, since, they live in the marshy bed of rivers, ponds and lakes, they are rich in mineral and the taste differs according to the soil type.

Ayre / Long whiskered catfish

Marathi: Singati , Singati, Shingala

Kannada: Kappu suragi,Chinkode

Malayalam: Vella koori , Kada kelithi, Ponnai keletee

Tamil: Uppang keluthi , Kattai keluthi , Nei kuluthi

Telugu: Jella, Mukul jella, Seenghala

Oriya: Kontia

Bengali: Nuna-tengra , Ayre

Bihari: Kala tenguah

Catfish pabda

Malayalam: Manaja valah

Tamil: Chotah wahla, Silai valai

Kannada: Godla, Kembari

Telugu: Dukaduma, Theenuva

Oriya: Pabtah

Bengali: Puffta

Gujarathi: Gungwari

Marathi: Moone, Goong waree

Assemeese: Pabho, Pava

Hindi: Pata, Gungli, Chechera, Jalkapoor

Punjabi: Pubta, Pallus, Pallu, Goongwah

Puntius / Pool barb

Krishna carp

Undakanni (Malayalam)

Kulla kendai, Kuran chelbi (Tamil)

Guddapakke (Kannada)

Chadu perigi, Budda pakke (Telugu)

Khavli (Marathi)

Putia-kerundi (Oriya)

Pothi, Katcha-karawa (Hindi)

Phabounga (Assamese )

Puti (Bengali)

Hebrew : Carpion (common carp/ Eurasian carp)/ European carp (Cyprinus carpio),

Shark catfish / Boal

Also referred as Freshwater shark, Gaint sheatfish, Wallago attu

Malayalam: Vaalah , Aattu vaalah, Pozha wallah , Attu vaala

Tamil: Walagh , Valathi: vaalai , Vazai

Telugu: Valaga , Walagha , Valuga

Marathi: Shivda , Pahdi , Pahree , Pari , Purran , Pattan

Konkani: Bahle , Chate , Godlay

Gujarathi: Padin

Oriya: Ballai , Boalee , Boabe

Bengali: Bayali , Koyali , Boal

Assameese: Barali , Sareng , Poil

Bihari: Boyari , Barwari

Hindi: Wallah , Valai , Paran , Mullay , Mullee

Punjabi: Mully, Boyari , Paran

Leatherjacket / Filefish

Malayalam: Moori,Udupoori, Adu

Tamil: Klathi

Arabic: Klaib al daw, Baeel

Chapalu in Telugu


fishinfo.siffs.in/main/index.php (Maalayalam and tamil)
fishesinkerala.blogspot.com/ (names in malayalam)
risikan.lkim.gov.my/ikan/Spesisikan.htm (Malaysian Market)
habitatnews.nus.edu.sg/guidebooks/marinefish/picslist.htm (Singapore)
parisaramahiti.kar.nic.in (Karnataka fisheries)
www.stuartxchange.org/FishNames.html (Philippine )
www.uae.gov.ae/uaeagricent/fisheries/photo_fish_en.stm (For UAE MARKET)
www.saudi-fisheries.com/EN/Company/Products/ (Saudi Arabian Market)
www.ycfml.com/yemenfish.htm (Yemen)
www.omanfisheries.com/ (Oman)
www.agri-history.org/pdf/fish_article.pdf (In sanskrit)


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Trout is a fish of perennial mountain streams of clear cool water of high (above 6 p.p.m.) oxygen content and thrives in lakes also.

Trout is a group of Salmonid fishes, is well known as excellent game fish in India.It is not indigenous to India but was brought by British angling enthusiasts separately into Kashmir, Nilgiris, Kodai and Munnar range of Kerala.

Trout normally inhabit cold waters ranging from zero degree to twenty degree centigrade.

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Tilapia - 'Talapia'
Lobster -'Bagda Chingri'/'Golda Chingri'
Crab - 'Kankra'
Clams - 'Shamuk'
Barramundi - 'Bhetki'

Hilsa is called 'ilish' and not 'ilisg'
Butterfish is not 'Pabda'. Pabda is some other fish.


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Murrel or Snake Jeads are called BARAAL in Andhra too.

Tuna is called KUPPA in Marathi

Nice blog and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for sending in your suggestions,comments and corrections.

Many fish go by the generic name "butterfish." Butterfish is a market name for several different types of fish.Mostly for the oily or butter content in these fishes they are locally known so.

Escolar is often sold under various names like "butterfish", "Hawaiian walu" or "super white tuna".

Butter fish is also known as chinese pomfret or white pomfret fish or pompano

American butterfish is also known as dollarfish, shiner, skipjack, sheepshead, or harvestfish.

Black cod or sablefish is also sometimes confused as butterfish in some places

In kerala King fish and Punnarameen / Poonara meen(Greater amberjack) are confused as butterfish.


In Kerala these fishes are also called :
Emperor: Velameen
Butter Fish: Punnarameen
Rainbow Runner : Kadal Poomeen


In the Gulf Market
Emperor Bream (Sherri),
King Fish (Qanat),
Travelly (jest/jash)

Other Names for these fishes;
Indian Salmon/Four Finger Treadfin
Anchovy/White Baits

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Manthal/Turbot in general refers to a brown flat seasonal sea fish from kerala,2 to 4" long,mostly used as dry fish almost comparable to river water Tongue-sole/sole fish.

I am happy if it is helpful.

Ug Joseph.I

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From my childhood I use to eat different fishes...now I am 30, but still I am confused with fish types. Its always a big puzzle to me to identify fish and know the names. After seeing your fish catalog..now I find it easy to identify fish.. and say with confidense what the kind of fish it is...Thanks a lot Dear...a big applaud to your efforts

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@Anonymous, May 24, 2012,

Sheri/shaari fish is known as Emperor. A popular fish in middle east espc. UAE,Oman

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also could i PLEASE request typing them in at least one Indian script so we would all know exactly how to pronounce them? or if possible in each individual script with the help of some crowd-sourcing ??


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i would like to know which fish will more tasty & give the rankings based on taste!!

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Couldnt even find so much info on fisheries dept. website

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Exhaustive and mostly exact list of fish that enables one to identify all the fish that are available in the place! Many websites give different names to the same fish shown. This blog clears mind of the confusion that is created by those websites. Thanks for its contents for having given more insight on the fish names.

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It is an extremely helpful site to identify the fish. Many names in local language has not been given. For example Mackerel in Oriya is Bijiram or Binjiram,Sardines in Oriya is Kokili, Cat fish black is Magura and the white one is Kantia in Oriya.River Catfish white is Jalanga.There are many more names The author should have an interactive place to upload local name against each fish. Any way a great site for naturalists. M.Akhtar,Life Member ,Bombay Natural History Society, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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red-snapper is not koramenu, but a substitute for koramenu in USA.

Excellent work you have done.

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Anonymous said...

Maral - Gaint Snakehead or Murrel.
It has medicinal value. Check the picture of Murrel in this page, and see if its the same you are referring to.

Common names

Ara in Sinhalese (සිංහල)
Augenfleck-Schlangenkopf in German (Deutsch)
Avalu in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Aviri in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Aviu in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Bhaura in Nepali (नेपाली)
Bohr in Hindi (हिन्दी)
Bral in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Bullseye snakehead in English
Bullseye snakehead in Spanish (español)
Chaeru veraal in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Channa marulius in French (français)
Coaree veralavuree in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Curuva in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Dowlah in Punjabi
Gajal in Bengali (বাংলা)
Gajar in Bengali (বাংলা)
Giant snake head in English
Giant snakehead in English
Gozar in Bengali (বাংলা)
Great snakehead in English
Haal in Assamese (অসমীয়া)
Hoovina-mural in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Intiankäärmeenpää in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Iru viral in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Kalamasa in Marathi (मराठी)
Kæmpe-slangehovedfisk in Danish (dansk)
Kubrah in Punjabi
Madinji in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Maral in Marathi (मराठी)
Nga-yan-daing in Burmese (ဗမာစာ)
Ngamuporom in Manipuri
Pa gooan in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pa gooan in Laotian
Pa kouan in Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
Pa kouan in Laotian
Pba gooa in Laotian
Phool-mural in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Phoola-chapa in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Pla tjon gnoo aow in Thai (ไทย)
Pool-a-malle in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Poomenu in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Pumuri in Hindi (हिन्दी)
Pumurl in Hindi (हिन्दी)
Puveral in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Saal in Oriya (ଓଡ଼ିଆ)
Sal in Bengali (বাংলা)
Saul in Nepali (नेपाली)
Saura in Nepali (नेपाली)
Sawal in Punjabi
Sawl in Punjabi
Trey raws in Khmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ)
Vral in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Zmeegolov-maruliy in Russian (русский язык)
पुमुरी in Hindi (हिन्दी)
सोरा in Nepali (नेपाली)
सोल in Nepali (नेपाली)
গজার in Bengali (বাংলা)
ਸਾਵਲ in Punjabi
ਕੁਬਰਾ in Punjabi
அவிரி in Tamil (தமிழ்)
அவீரீ in Tamil (தமிழ்)
கோரி வராலவுரீ in Tamil (தமிழ்)
பூவிரால் in Tamil (தமிழ்)
పూల అ మల్లి in Telugu (తెలుగు)
ಮದಿಂಜಿ in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
ചേറു മീന് in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
ബ്രാല് in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
巨鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
巨鳢 in Mandarin Chinese
眼鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
眼鳢 in Mandarin Chinese
西氏鱧 in Mandarin Chinese
西氏鳢 in Mandarin Chinese

Anonymous said...

What are Bengali fishes LOTTE and BHOLA called in English and Kannada

Which indian fishes are high in calcium?

Sunshine said...

Barramundi or Asian Sea Bass is also know as bhola or bhola bhetki in bengali.

Lotiya is known as Bombay Duck in english.

Check the kanada names in this page

Also find bengali fish names in this wiki page-



Sunshine said...

Fish Name in Bengali and English -part1

Artamim-Long-whiskered catfish
Along-Bengal Barb
Arwari-Menoda catfish
Baghair-Dwarf goonch
Baim-Zig-zag eel/Tire track eel
Balichura-Balitora minnow
Balichura-Rainbow minnow
Bamush-Bengal eel
Bane-hara-Indianmottled eel
Bansh-pata/Debari-Sind danio
Bansh-pata/Bati-Broad-mouthedmullet/Large-scaled mullet
Barali-Barred baril
Baril/Joiya-Hamilton's barila
Batasi-Indian potasi
Bechi-Whitespot/Blue panchax
Bele-Scribbled goby
Bele-Tank goby
Bhadi puti Pool barb
Bhangan-Boga labeo
Kuli/Bhut bele-Dusky sleeper
Bilchuri-Mottled loach
Borguni-Jarbua terapon
Bou/Rani-Bengal loach
Bou mach-Hora loach
Bou mach-Reticulate loach
Magor/Shing-Indian torrent catfish
Chondon Ilish-Toli shad
Chapila-Ganges River Gizzard Shad
Chapila-Indian River Shad
Chebli-Giant Danio
Cheka-Squarehead Catfish
Chela-Silver razorbelly minnow
Chela-Large razorbelly minnow
Chela-Finescale razorbelly minnow
Chenua-Sisor Catfish
Chep chela/Laubucha-Indian Glass Barb
Chitol-Clown Knifefish
Foli/Chitol-Bronze featherback
Chuna-Honey gourami
Dahuk-Boddart's goggle-eyed goby
Darkina-Flying barb
Darkina-Slender rasbora
Darkina-Gangetic scissortail rasbora
Dhal magor-
Ek thouta-Wrestling half beak
Gechua-Walking snakehead
Gagla-Gagora catfish
Gong magor-Grayeel-catfish
Gong tengra-
Kabashi Tengra-Gangetic mystus
Ghor poi-ya-Suckerhead
Ghonia-Boggut labeo
Ghor poa-
Ghora chela-
Ghora mach-
Gilipunti-Golden barb
Goti poa-Largescale archer fish
Gozar-Great snakehead
Gura tengra-
Gutum-Annandale loach
Gutum-Guntea loach
Ilish-Hilsa shad
Kechhki-Ganges river sprat
Kechhki-Yellow tail mullet
Kajuli-Gangetic ailia
Kajuli-Jamuna ailia
Kakila-Fresh water garfish
Kalibaus-Orange-fin labeo
Kachon punti-Rosy barb
Kani pabda-Butter catfish
Kani tengra-Painted catfish
Karati hangar-Knifetooth sawfish
Kathal pata-Pansole
Kawai'in-Climbing perch
Keti (fish)-
Khailsha-Banded gourami
Kharu-Rice-paddyb eel
Koi-Climbing perch
Koitor-Coitor croaker
Kuli (fish)-Duckbill sleeper
Kumirer khil-
Kumirer khil-Crocodile-toothpipe fish
Kumirer khil-Deocata pipefish
Kursha (fish)Kalabans
Kuta kanti-Conta catfish
Lal kholisha-Dwarf gourami
Lomba chanda-Elongateglass perchlet

Sunshine said...

Fish Name in Bengali and English -part2

Modhu pabda-Pabdah catfish
Magur-African catfish/North African catfish
Mola punti-Glass-barb
Mola-Indian carplet
Muri bacha-
Muribacha-Garua Bachcha
Napte koi-Badis
Neftani-Frail gourami
Nilotica-Nile tilapia
NodoiGangetic leaffish
Nuna bailla-
Nuna-tengra-Long whiskers catfish
Olive danio-
Pabda catfish-Pabo catfish
Pangas-Yellowtail catfish
Pankal baim-Barred spiny eel
Pathar chata-
Phasa (fish)-Gangetic hairfin anchovy
Phopa chanda-Himalayan glassy perchlet
Phutani punti-Spottedsail barb
Poa (fish)-Pama croaker
Poia-Gongota loach
Potka-Green pufferfish
Pug-headedmudskipper-Giant mud skipper
Puiya-Burmese loach
Puiya-Loktak loach
Punti (fish)-Swamp barb
Punti (fish)-Puntio barb
Putitor mohashoul-Golden mahseer
Rajputi-Java barb
Ranga chanda-Indian glassy fish
Rata boura-Purplespaghetti-eel
Sapla pata-Pale-edged stingray
Savon khorka-
Shada ghonia-Kuria labeo
Shankhachii-Banded eagle ray
Shillong (fish)-Silond catfish
Shingi-Stinging catfish
Shoul-Snakehead murrel
Shorpunti-Olive barb
Silvercarp-Silver carp
Snakeeel-Longfin snake-eel
Tengra-Strippeddwarf catfish
Suncush-Dwarf whipray
Suncush-Cowtail stingray
Taki (fish)-Spotted snakehead
Tapse-Mango Fish/Cichlid
Tara baim-Lesser spiny eel
Tengra-Day's mystus
Tengra-Striped dwarf catfish
Tepa-Ocellated pufferfish
Teri punti-Onespot barb
Tiashol-Barca snakehead
Tilapia-Mozambique tilapia
Tit punti-Ticto barb
Titari-River stone carp
Tor mahseer-Tor mahseer

Source -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fishes_in_Bangladesh

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oops! what amount of unselFISH effort put in for the benefit of others. Amazingly helpful for fish lovers,when we read articles by nutrition experts giving English we are at wits end to know which fish they MEAN!( fish in tamil is meen!)Thanks for this informative

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Can someone please let me know the English name of Mallie ( Mallly) fish as sold here in Delhi , India. It is of small size , king-fish (Surmai) like and has scales like king fish, slight brownish in texture.Thanks

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Lakshmi Ramaswamy said...

Koori is called Mystus in english. Mystus is a genus of small to medium-sized bagrid catfishes that occur in South and Southeast Asia

1.Picture of Mystus

2.Picture of Mystus

Lakshmi Ramaswamy said...

Another name for koori fish Vaari.

In kannada its know as Haddu Meenu

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I agree there was a great deal of work and labour that you have put in, but there were a number of errors in bangali names, I am not sure about the others. Kaushik please check before commenting on a public forum, Boal is not a shark. Please check..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boal_%28fish%29

Pabda is definitely a different fish, and pabda jhol is a dish..

Hope you correct some of these errors.


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Sunshine ....Terrific job....Hats off...

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in my school days we use to catch karup fish ... from ponds and small streams old people says that even the pond is dry ed and if tr is mud it can bury it self and stay alive till the next rainy season ... some people even reported that ty found this fish over the coconut trees .. this is boz ty will be carried by birds like crows or some cranes ... do u know wat u call this fish in english

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