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Life's Perspective

Yesterday, as i was focussing some objects for a photograph in the macro mode of the camera, i learnt that the camera and our life both represent the same view, towards an object. As i was focussing something that was too close, the objects in the distance gets blurred and as we focus the distant object, the object close by gets blurred. Doesn't the same perspective apply for our life. When we focus on the nearby little goals of life, the bigger goals gets distracted, blurred and we get lost in the circle of smaller goals of life. In the same way when we focus on a distant bigger, main goal, all the smaller goals are by passed, they seem nothing in front of the main distant bigger goal of life we really dream of achieving. Now its in our hands, how we handle it. But sometimes, time too plays a bigger role. At times not everything works according to what we plan. Still we could focus on the bigger picture of life . Apply the macro mode to your life too.


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