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Knife and Forks

Salad Forks : They'll turn up at nearly every meal! For salads, pies, cakes, pastries, fruits and fish
Dinner Forks: The universal tableware piece for entrees.Can also be used a s dessert fork
Dinner Knife: Serves equally well as a butter knife, bread knife or dessert knife.
Soup spoon:The most versatile spoons.Use for pudding, fruits, cereals - even in a pinch as serving spoons.
Teaspoon: You can't have too many! Perfect for cereal, dessert, coffee, ice cream and fruits.
Sugar Spoon: Another multi-purpose server! Ideal for jellies, jams, condiments, sauces as well as for sugar
Serving Fork: For cold meats, cheese slices, chops, waffles, sliced tomatoes and spaghetti
Tablespoon: Foe vegetables, fruits, desserts, casseroles and stuffing
Butter Knife: Not only for serving butter. These handy knives appear on tray for cheese, pates, spreads
Gravy ladle: The correct way to serve gravy, creamed dishes, sauces, syrups, cut-up fruits.



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