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Panner Kala Angur

Panner Kala Angoor


  • 600gm cottage cheese (cubes 1 cm)
  • 200 gm black grapes crushhed
  • 60gm aam papad (sweet and sour type)
  • 5gm black salt
  • 2gm red chilli powder
  • 80 gm jaggery
  • 5gm salt


Crush the black grapes separately. Chop both the types of aampapads and mix together. Make a powder of black salt and crushed jaggery.

Heat the saucepan and put all ingredients other than the cottage cheese together and cook on slow fire till this mixture achieves a jam-like consistency. Add seasoning.

Add cut cottage cheese cubes and mix well. Cook further for 5 minutes and remove from fire. Serve hot.



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