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Sabz Phool

Sabz Phool


  • 1 flower broccoli
  • 1cauliflower
  • 200gm cheese grated
  • 250 ml coconut milk
  • 200 gm fresh  tomato puree
  • 250 gm onion puree
  • 1 tsp of turmeric 
  • 1 tsp of chilli powder
  • salt to taste


Cut broccoli and cauliflower into flowerets
Boil or fry these flowerets till they are 75% cooked. Drain it.

Take a pan and heat oil in it. Add the onion paste and keep stirring it.

Put in turmeric and chilli powder. Add the tomoto puree and coconut milk. Put in the cauliflower and broccoli. Cook till they are done.

Transfer into a flat dish, top it with grated cheese. Bake it til cheese starts melting.

Garnish with coconut cream and servee hot.



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